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Top Onam Songs for Onam 2022 Celebrations

Onam is celebrated to mark the return of King Mahabali ever year. This year, the festival will take place on September 8th.
Pic credit :keralam.me
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Here is the list of the top five songs for the celebration:

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1)Onam Vanallo PonnOnam Vanallo – Yesudas
Pic credit :keralam.me
2) Thiruvaavaniraavu - Unni Menon & Sithara
Pic credit :gaana.com
3) Uthradapoovnilave Vaa – KJ Yesudas
Pic credit :gaana.com
4) Onapattin Thalam Thullum – Kalyani
Pic credit :Music zone
5) Omanathinkalin Onam - K J Yesudas & P Susheela
Pic credit :Youtube