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Urvashi takes U turn and says sorry was not for Rishabh Pant

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Earlier this week, Urvashi said sorry to Rishabh Pant in an interview, and now she takes a U-Turn.
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Later, in a post, she said that her apology was for her fans and not Rishabh Pant.
Pic credit : Urvashi insta
Twitter got flooded by memes after she took a U-turn. Here are some memes.

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Controversy started when Urvashi, in an interview, said that RP waited for hours to meet her,called her 16-17 times but she could not pick up the phone as she was tired and went to sleep.
She further said that she felt very bad about this incident and planned to meet in Mumbai, but things turned uncomfortable as the media reached there.
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After her interview , Rishabh Pant posted this on Instagram.
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Urvashi Rautela responded to this post by posting this:
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